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A guide to buying a home

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

How to buy a primary or secondary home in Palm Springs!

So you have been thinking about buying a home in Palm Springs! But you have tons of questions. Can I rent it until I retire or until I move there? What is the difference between "Fee Land" and "Lease Land". How does "escrow" work?

Once I find the perfect home, do I have to be in Palm Springs for the entire sales process? Or can the sale be managed long distance?

Once escrow is opened, and the initial paperwork is signed Residence Portfolio can handle most aspects of the transaction for you electronically while you are back at your primary residence.

What must I do to buy my Palm Springs home?

This blog is to discuss with buyers how to go about how to purchase a home in Palm Springs! Often buyers want to know how they can do this long distance, how escrow works, and if they need to be in PS for the entire process. The answer is NO! That is what we at Residence Portfolio are for. Let's discuss more....

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